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Girl Band - Lawman


"Somewhere beneath the growing pains, there is a well-meaning teenager grateful for what he has in life. Mostly, however, the pages are brimming with awkward moments I had either blocked out or rewritten in my own head. These are recounted in such excruciating detail that it’s difficult to take in: the self-righteousness, the drama, the lack of perspective, the floundering for an identity. The whole point of returning to this journal was to glean something worthwhile from my teenage self. Instead I’m taken aback at how clueless I was."

Excruciating encounters with my teenage self in an old diary


A short film, cleverly shot from a first-person persective, based on a real incident that took place in 1998. Takes a minute or two to get going… and then it takes off.


"But there was this other lot of reporters as well … They tended to be what is known as “feature writers.” What they had in common was that they all regarded the newspaper as a motel you checked into overnight on the road to the final triumph. The idea was to get a job on a newspaper, keep body and soul together, pay the rent, get to know “the world,” accumulate “experience,” perhaps work some of the fat off your style—then, at some point, quit cold, say goodbye to journalism, move into a shack somewhere, work night and day for six months, and light up the sky with the final triumph. The final triumph was known as The Novel."

The Birth of ‘The New Journalism’, by Tom Wolfe


Allergy to Originality

An animated and pithy debate exploring the rich history of adaptation, plagiarism and other forms of appropriation in art.

"When you’re making it, it’s so full of mystery and light and it’s so invigorating. You think, ‘Finally I’ve reached something true!’ And it sounds fantastic and then you work on it so much, and you hear it so many times and you run it through it through your brain so many times while you’re laying in bed thinking about it, that by the end… it’s just like a used condom."

Michael Gira of Swans: This Is My Sermon


The Murders at the Lake

Connan Mockasin - Do I Make You Feel Shy?

Every Connan video is brilliant in its own peculiar way.